Sunday, 28 April 2013

No Complaints

Arta, Jean & Byrn Sands, Wyona and Greg Bates
Wyona says that cruising is not real life.

Just an illusion.

She is right.

I can no longer remember when this happened, but I wrote it on a piece of serviette, so it must be true. I heard a woman complaining that the coffee she had was not hot enough. Now there is someone with a problem. Then I was asked by someone, as I was standing in line, if I were happy with the level of service on this boat. They said that their waiter didn’t come fast enough.

 .... sunset off of the Canadian coast ...

They must not know that in coming on this boat I have moved from being the waiter to having a waiter, so I am perfectly happy with the level of service. I did laugh at the hot milk yesterday morning. Wyona was looking for a cup of hot chocolate. She could find the package to put into the cup, but not the hot milk. The waiter told her that it was gone for the morning, but she sleuthed around until she found a carafe marked hot milk. But the milk had been in that thermos so long that it had scorched. I laughed so hard – either the coffee is not hot enough or the milk is scorched.

I love a day when no matter how hard you look, there is just nothing to complain about.  Not even when you are looking for hot chocolate.


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