Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mykonos, Greece

Here we have breakfast in our room. A friend sent us chocolate covered strawberries and we happened to have oranges in our room. The donkey purse is from Santorini.
And another day we came back to the room with a ship folded up o our bed so I added the gelato, nuts and cookies. Oh yes, and then a couple of necklaces from Turkey and look at the ear on the donkey.
Mykonos from the ship.

And the ship, Constellation from the boat tender.

 All the buildings in Mykonos are painted with limestone white. It is the law. Even the pathways are painted white between the stones.

No cars, taxis or buses are allowed in Mykonos. Only small vehicles or scooters are allowed on the streets when they are delivering goods to the shops.



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  1. I can see that you have purchased two donkey purses: a beige one and a grey one. I couldn't tell what you have done with the donkey's ear, but it is clear to me that you have new pearls when I look at the necklaces.

    When I double click on the pictures and see them full screen size, they take my breath away! Such tourist destinations!