Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cancelling the EuroRail Pass

Wyona and I put aside our plans to get EuroRail Passes this fall, tempting as the adventure sounded.  Our common friends, Peter and Margaret Oldham, did the trip and updated Wyona on the planning that has to be done.  Even the seats on the train must be pre-booked. 

The two of us are spoiled from the freedom of the BritRail pass – no booking unless you desire a certain seat and the freedom to change travel plans on a whim. 

“How about letting me plan a Mediterranean cruise instead of going EuroRail,” said Wyona.  “Greg, Margaret, you and me. I think we can see the same places, and not have to carry our bags along with us, but leave them behind on the boat while we do day trips.”

So the next trip will be one that is planned for so far in advance that Wyona and Greg bought special luggage for it.  When they  passed through an outlet store in Texas that sold cruise luggage, they called me to say, “We are getting a large piece of this for the two of us, and think you would enjoy a single.”

That is the piece of luggage I was packing today.  It is getting a trial run before the Mediterranean trip. I might have cancelled both trips if I had known that I would be in a cold sweat before I got my clothes inside.  This bag has more compartments than I have categories of things to pack:  14 pockets, 22 zippers, 16 snaps, various plastic interlocking straps and a complicated locking system.

Good thing that I am counting this as a trial run with me so that I will be skilled with its use by the fall.  I had to get someone to come into the room and help me close the bag, and it didn't even weigh fifty pounds.

“Did you get everything ironed before you got it into the hanging garment bag,” she asked me this morning.

“Ironed?  Is that part of the deal?” 


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