Thursday, 30 June 2011

Matroushkas in St. Petersburg

Wyona bought a set of matroushkas (10 dolls, one inside of the next) in the market in the same time that it took our guide to gather 20 people around her and get them walking toward the bus.  I was nervous that she was going to miss the bus, so I was keeping my eye on her as she darted from booth to booth.

At the same time, I was keeping my eye on the guide so that I would know which corner she turned if she got ahead of us.

As well, Wyona bought a couple of Cokes from someone who only spoke Russian, and Wyona waited as the clerk to get the right change for her at another booth. 

No one speaks the international language of commerce that goes with buying and selling as Wyona does.  

Buy your dolls at Red October
I have seen her do it in China and now in Russia.  There was no time to shop on the tours.  

And the ship tour guide had lingered on the picture of the market that runs beside the Church of the Spilled Blood.

He told everyone to memorize the look of that market.  

Then he said, "Buy something here at your own risk."  

The chances of you being pick-pocketed will never be higher.
We shopped instead at a new market called Red October.  In fact, we lost each other -- or I lost her.  I didn't even see this isle of goods until we were leaving the shop.

Fables are painted on the body of the doll.
What we didn't buy in the market, we bought when the ship ran their own Russian Bazaar.  The Jewel of the Sea shops close down when we are in a port.

But at sea -- buying and selling is sweet.


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