Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Truth about Cruising

Greg tells everyone that his favorite joke of the comedians that we saw onboard goes like this.

Cruising is like having New Year's Eve every day. You eat too much. You drink too much. And you wake up and you don't know where you are.

The China / Japan / South Korea / Russia / Alaska cruise is over.  And I know where I am.

I tried to blog, but was frozen out of my account.

"You are blocked because there is suspicious activity in China."

That was me, trying to blog.

The tram driver ... in white gloves
I did send some pictures to Rebecca, but they didn't even go out of my email box to her until I got home today.

So here is what I wrote and what she put up:


An email from Arta with a couple of photos.

She said to throw them on the blog.

The first two came with the email title, "Peace Park, Nagaskai". LRT driver wears white gloves"

The next four are from Busan, Korea.
It is what it is!  This is not the plastic food that you see in shop windows.
This is the real thing.

At this point Wyona and Greg were in the bank, exchanging money.

I was outside, mesmerized by the food market I was walking by.

One of the comedians on the cruise also said, "Would people stop taking pictures of food? Are you all from Ethiopia?"

Yes -- some of us with cameras just can't help taking pictures of the food!

Last, three photos from Tianjin and Beijing!
Greg thinks while he tastes new market food.

My travel adventures are about looking at what is going on.

I want to stop and let people pass by me and I like to watch them. 

Greg does twice as much of that as I do.

Wyona's adventures also including shopping -- she sees a new food in a window, and before Greg and I can cross at a light, she has gone in and purchased some pastries, or bought a snack from a street vendor.

This is ordinary to some people.
This is really interesting to a prairie girl.
The picture of Greg eating warily in the market place is a shot of something new Wyona has purchased.  Greg's job is to eat the major part of everything she buys.

Wyona and I nibbling just bits of it.

Then she goes back for a second, because we can't decided if we liked it or not.

No use getting one each yet.

Then we go back and each get one.

The next day we were out looking for more of those snacks when we should have been sight seeing.

More later for interested readers.


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