Friday, 3 May 2013

Wyona As Travel Broker

... looking down from our balcony to the one below ...

Wyona does fine research on cruising.  She found three back to back cruises which is good. A family balcony is even better.

Now we have three people in a room meant for five and we are figuring out how to fit those other two (whomever they may be) into this room on the next cruise with us.

... skylight in dining room floor ...
... when docked you can see the port ...
... at sea, you can see the waves ...

The 3 seater couch that turns into a single locks in a position of about 23 degrees, instead of being flat, That person will find themselves always in the “v” of where the bed meets the wall.

I am a good person to have in this room.

I check out all of the sleeping possibilities.

I can sleep on the lumpiest mattresses and on any kind of slope, though I did tell Wyona that if I were on the beach instead of here, I would get up and shovel the rocks until I was a little more horizontal than vertical.


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