Saturday, 9 April 2016

Corcovado Mountain

I started and almost finished a post on Sugar Loaf Mountain but something happened.

I lost it so now I will do CORCOVADO Mountain, one of the new seven wonders of the world.

We passed a number of favelas on the way to our destination.

Favela is a word for slum but this has changed in the last thirty years.  98% of homes are now made of brick, concrete and reinforced steel and 99% have concrete or roof tile roofs. These homes crawl up mountains and fill the valleys. They go on forever and ever.

 I had to take a picture of Greg's back when we exited the bus.

We took a train up the mountain. The view from the top of Corcovado. .

Corcovado is 710 meters above sea level. Sugar Loaf Mountain is 400 meters above sea level.

And at the top is a very tall statue of Jesus Christ. I am standing on the steps. Can you find Waldo?

The climb is quite steep and travels through the rainforest. The rain forest is very different from the rainforest in Malaysia.
Standing next to the rainforest in Malaysia one can hardly here the person standing next to them because of the moises of the birds, monkeys, insects and whatever. The rainforest that we went through in Brazil was very quiet. When Greg and I were at the top, I told Greg to listen carefully and he could here the sounds of the jungle. He listened and then told me it was the sound of the escalator below us speaking. What a disappointment. I thought I had such a keen ear.

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  1. Can you reconstruct the post about Sugar Loaf Mountain? I want to hear it all.

    Thank you for pointing my eyes to Greg's back. I see it was a hot ride.

    I couldn't not find Waldo. Either I need glasses or I need a way to enlarge the picture.

    Next time I get on an escalator, I will listen for its sound. I will have nothing to compare it to, never having been to Malaysia, nor to the rainforest of Brazil.

    Please keep the travel commentary coming. I love it that you are doing all of this from accessing public transportation.