Saturday, 9 April 2016

Sugar Loaf Mountain

We found our way to Urca and then took a two cable car rides up to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain. The view is spectacular and we had a beautiful clear day.
This view is looking out of the cable car ride 2 to the landing of the first cable car ride. On the top left side of the photo you can see the Copacabana beach. 

Here comes the cable car. There are no seats, just standing room.
Look across the bay looking towards the tallest monolith in the distance. This is Corcovado Moutain which is one of the new seven wonders of the world 


  1. I want to stand in both of those cable cars. Thanks for posting these pictures. I also imaged myself on Copacabana beach.

  2. Amazing picture from the top of the mountain! I may be singing Barry Manilow songs for the rest of the day. Keep enjoying yourselves!

  3. I did have to look up the meaning of the word monolith, though my eye did know area in the picture you were talking about.

    Thanks for using big words. Keeps me on my toes with my dictionary.

  4. Senya loves the pictures. Daddy kept singing the song, "in the Copa, Copacabana ..." Jamie wants to know how much room there is at the top. The pictures look like you could fall off. Ivan wants to know how big the cable car is. How many people can it fit snuggly.