Sunday, 10 April 2016

Rio to Sao Paulo to Rio

... iconic image of Sao Paulo ...
From Wyona:

We were up at 4:30 a.m. today to catch the plane to Sao Paulo.

We are on the ship now leaving Sao Paulo and going back to Rio for the day tomorrow.

Greg is tired and already snoring.



  1. I can hardly wait to find out what you do in Rio, given that you have already had a week of doing Rio's highlights.

    Do you know what you haven't told? The markets? Weren't there any markets?

  2. In a short email note to me, Wyona did not mention the markets, which is so disappointing to me.

    I went to my own markets on Sunday: Costco, Winners, Home Sense, Daniers and Walmart. I didn't buy anything at any of the places, but I was out looking. So, I repeat ... the markets, I want to know about the markets.

    Of course, I know why Wyona isn't buying at the markets. This is what her email said: " We walked out on the cobblestones for 4 hours today, then rested for an hour, went to dinner and then danced from 7:15 until 10:00. Then went to the Brazilian stage show. Going to bed now."

    Who cares about the markets if all of the above is going on.