Thursday, 14 April 2016

Rio's favelas...neighborhoods going up mountains

In Rio, the rich people lived in the valleys. The poor people really owned no land so they built their homes going up the mountains. These neighbourhoods are called 'favelas' which used to mean slum. However, they are built well and are now part of the culture. Greg walked up the mountainside and took these photos. There are cement stairs all the way up to the top.

Here Greg is looking down at where he came from.

They decorate, paint and have art all over their walls and fences.

This is a picture taken from the highway. You can see the favela going up the mountain. It has taken me over 3 hours to load these photos. The ship was rocking around last night and all day today. Just hang on as you weave across the hall. 

Dinner is waiting. 



  1. The brilliant colours on the homes and the picture of a musician painted on the walls was intriguing, as well as were the decorations on the home that is in the back of the picture -- the one with reds on it. Can you tell me more?

  2. If Greg walked through a favela and didn't get mugged, he should consider buying lottery tickets on a regular basis. This is not something a prudent traveler would do unless they look very Brazilian. Greg doesn't exactly look Brazilian. I do hope you read about the areas you explore in the future for your own safety. Wandering around in 3rd world countries can have a thrill no doubt, but it can cost you your life. You have to realize that people in some of these rough areas view the typical Caucasian tourist as easy pickings and they often live in a callous, unfeeling world where survival may depend on robbing someone. Read up on the areas you want to explore!