Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Rio and Copacabana

We left our hotel today in Rio to go to a market and just ride the bus to Copacabana. Just a little Art here. It is everywhere in S America. It is beautiful.

It is hard for Greg to pass a church without going in or taking a picture.

I much prefer to sit with the congregation. This was just a little church courtyard with pews, preacher and congregation. The statues were adorable. I could not keep my hands off the lady with the pearls sitting next to me.

After the market we hopped a local bus to Copacabana. We took the same trip yesterday on a different bus. Just get on the bus and take a chance. Just imagine Barry Manilow singing along the way.

The beaches on the way to Copacabana are beautiful. Many of the men do not wear shirts at all. Funny how Greg noticed that right away but I missed it. The sidewalks are inlaid with tiny flat cobblestones that are not easy for me to walk on.

Here is a view from the bus of Sugarloaf Mt. and Corcovado Mountain. There is a cogwheel cable car up Corcovado Mt. (the short mt.) and then a cable car from the top of Corcovado Mt. to Sugarloaf Mt. Rio is spectacular for the lush mountains and monoliths of granite jutting from the sea. We are on our way up to Sugarloaf tomorrow morning. It is hot here.

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  1. Did you take the cable car from the top of Corcovado Mt. to Sugarloaf Mountain?

    Enquiring minds want to know.